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Helping Our Sisters Help Themselves: Curing PMS

Dealing With PMS
PMS is only a symptom and a signal that a deeper problem lies underneath. The root causes must be addressed before PMS will go away.

Here are a few reasons why PMS happens and how it becomes so severe.

1) Not enough water in the body - The body is made of over 70% water and most people do not know that they are dehydrated. The body carries small electrical pulses to organs, nerves, muscles, etc. If there is not enough water in the body, there will not be enough of a conductor for these small electrical pulses. 
Cramping can happen also in this instance because the lack of water needed in the reproductive area causes the flow of energy and fluids in that area to become stagnant. 
SOLUTION: Drink plenty of water

2)Vitamin Deficiencies - Most people do not have an appropriate diet. Did you know that there are minerals and elemental "vitamins" that are only available in the soil in and around Africa?? Chromium is one of them and is a key factor in having a healthy reproductive system. In fact, there are many minerals and vitamins that we are depleted of since being brought over into this part of the world - which makes this condition much more tragic for us if you think about it. Many of the vitamins found in the ground in our homeland of Israel and surrounding lands were absorbed into the foods grown from the earth, these provided us with healthy foods that kept us in a perfect state of balance both physically and mentally. PMS usually is a sign of a deficiency of the following supplements: Vitamin A (Caratonoid), Vitamin B complex, Magnesium & Calcium. Zinc is also a large contributor to the reproductive system with the ability to repair and heal.
SOLUTION: Vitamin A (Caratonoid), Vitamin B complex, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc (among a host of other nutrients and vitamins: see article link below).  Eating more raw vegetables and juicing with raw veggies can go a long way in supplying readily available minerals and vitamins into your blood stream.

3) Watch Your Feet & Hands - Feet and Hands have a special role to play in the time around the monthly issue. It is recommended that you try to stay off of your feet and keep them covered and warm as much as possible. Also keep your hands warm and try to keep them from cold water during this time. Cold weather will increase cramping and flow. Warmth will cause the blood vessels and uterine muscles to relax, which will alleviate much cramping.
SOLUTION: Try to stay off of your feet, do not wear uncomfortable (tight or heels) shoes, keep your hands and feet dry and warm. 

4)Relax & Clear Your Mind & Body - You should always take as many hot/warm, epson salt baths as possible. It is important to stay healthy, clean and sane. The bath takes care of all three. Also bathroom elimination will decrease cramps as well. Many females go insane during PMS because they do not take care of mind and spirit which causes them to neglect body. We are in the land of our captivity and it sucks, so finding time to take care of yourself will allow you to gain a little much needed balance in life.

SOLUTION: Clear your surroundings of noise, enjoy hot relaxing baths & eliminate!

5)Esau's Manufactured "Monthly" products -  AN EXTREME NO NO... if you are still buying esau's personal products over the counter - you are killing yourself and you do not even know it. These so called sanitary products are sprayed with petro-chemicals that mimic other hormones and have been tested in animals and found to cause ENDOMETRIOSIS and INFERTILITY.  These also worsen cramping and mood swings. There are natural products you can use and I will list them. You should begin to learn more about how dangerous esau's personal products are and stay away from them at all costs. This will not only save you in health, but save your money as well.
SOLUTION: Refrain from helping esau destroy the earth by using "earth-friendly" and natural alternatives during this time.

Revelation 11:18
And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

You will need to undergo a change in mindset. The way you used to deal with your monthly issue will need to be different. You will need to have natural CLOTH personal products that can be reused and washed in your washing machine. There are quite a few other options as well. There are a variety of cups, sponges and clothes that can be used which can last for up to 10 years saving your health, sanity and your pocket book.

Some women claim that engaging in sexual activity during their flow stops pain. THIS IS UNLAWFUL ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE!!  If you find that you need such a remedy, then why not take the steps above and instead of using esau's destructive manufactured products, use a silicone cup. This will stay in place and keep the inner walls contracted so that the same effect will take place. I will put all links to "monthly" options below.  Then there is the sponge. A natural Sea Sponge can be used just as esau's products, but without the poisons leeched into your body.

Here are the links for natural personal products that can be used:

Natural cloth Pads:

Monthly Cups:

Natural Sea Sponges:

Pain can also be a sign of something more serious. For this, we have no choice but to visit a doctor for tests, sonograms, etc to make sure. But bad health does not happen over night. Decisions in diet, hygiene, spiritual/mental health aid in whether you stay happy and healthy or become ill.

Here is a link to a Homeopathic article on PMS:

Did you know that esau has a campaign to destroy the Israelite woman's womb through hysterectomies? 
80% of hysterectomies are done for NON-Life threatening reasons and the so called black woman makes up the majority of these cases. THERE IS A WAR ON YOUR WOMB!  Do not help them, knowledge is power.

For help with fertility, fibroids, excessive PMS and other "Moon" issues plaguing the Israelite woman today, I HIGHLY recommend this Israelite sistah who is a life-long herbalist and most excellent at helping our sisters retain their wombs:


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Keep Studying Ahchyam

Shalawam Yasharahla,

Thawadah for visiting our blog. May YAHAWAH bahasham YAHAWAHSHI bless you. Keep studying and stay in the spirit of truth (2Timothy 2:15). Shalawam.

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