Thursday, February 14, 2013


By now if you've been following the Christopher Dorner story you know that the brother died Tuesday 2/12, in a cabin in the Big Bear Lake area of San Bernadino, California. We hope that the brother went to the spirit world knowing that he sparked a bigger fire in people's minds than the one PURPOSELY SET by the bitch-ass police. Think back to WACO, TX as you read this and you will see the obvious trend that the government is following.

If Jake doesn't wake up to the bullshit that esau has, and continue to  perpetrate, then they deserve what's coming next (Hosea 4:6). For a brief minute I thought that maybe, just maybe, jake would look deeper into the Dorner story to see that there is much more to it than a black man who lost his job and then"lost it". The only judge will be time. At least we know that the LAPD will always be the lying, slime bucket, low-life, pieces of shit that they always were from day one. Why all the lies????? He's dead, he's not dead, his body wasn't found, he made a call from his cell phone in the middle of a shoot-out, his bulletproof/waterproof/fireproof wallet was found at the scene, and on and on. It's pathetic is what it is! But the ultimate lie is that they didn't start the fire. Yeah right - you be the judge ahchyam, even though you all ready know the answer. Let's not forget about the drones used in this operation and coming to a "hood" near you. When the Lord decide to cut off 2/3rds of our people throughout the land, it's going to make Katrina look like a picnic (or pick-a-nigga), literally. For the ones who want to survive, put your faith in YAHAWAH bahasham Yahawashi. Shalam. (Psalms 27:5).

Priest Zaab

Crakkkers yelling "burn that motherfucker down."

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Esau is literaly shaking in his boots right now (especially those of them in the LAPD). This Jake named Christopher Dorner, shown to the left, devoted his entire life to law enforcement and the military. He was fired from the LAPD because he reported an incident in which a demonic, edomite, police bitch kicked a suspect in the face. His superiors didn't like the fact that he broke the "blue wall" of silence and railroaded him out of the Police Department. Yes, the same LAPD that claims they are here to serve and protect are guilty of murdering and falsely arresting our people like there's no tomorrow. All Israelites, whether in the truth or not, know for a fact that them devils in the LAPD (or NYPD, or any other PD for that matter) are paid to kill, torture, frame, and arrest us. Keep Oscar Grant in mind as you read on. This brother goes on to detail in his lengthy manifesto, that I urge brothers and sisters to read in its entirety to get the full understanding, the daily practices of corruption, brutality, and racism running rampant in the LAPD. Since Esau took this land from the so-called Native Americans its been nothing but pain and death for us Israelites and California is no different (Habakkuk 2:12). But guess what white man??? You picked the wrong nigger to fuck with this time around. 
This dude is a paramilitary junkie. He was a Naval reservist, trained in all manner of combat tactics, and on top of that he's an excellent marksman - so now what you damn devils!! You've finally met your match at the hands of a 6ft 270lbs black man with nothing but pure hatred and vengeance in his heart...almost what Yahawahshi is bringing when he comes back but turned up a million times more. Your weapons and operations so far have been proven useless as  he clearly has been trained in your own wicked warlike ways. 

In his manifesto he reveals such truths as "How do you know when a police officer is lying??? When he begins his sentence with, “based on my experience and training”. Dorner goes on to blow the roof off the common practice of letting victims die and "bleed out" to get overtime money. Now we know why them crakkkers refused to call an ambulance for Oscar Grant and any other so-called black or Latinos. They are left to die on the ground while them wicked overseers, I mean officers watch as they take their last breath..smfh. He warns people to not get involved because the same officers wouldn't lift a finger to help you or your family - and he's so right. He tells of the so-called Latino officers beating and calling their own people "wetbacks" just to get approval of white officers. The truth of the matter is that since the Rodney King incident the LAPD has gotten worse than before, if that was even possible. How the hell one of the officers involved in the King beating gets promoted to become a Captain??? That's what our people get for putting their trust in man and turning from The Most High and His son.

As you read the brother's statements you get the feeling he was clearly too involved in esau's ideology (support on gun ban, and other bullshit) and became disillusioned when he finally saw the beast for what he really is - a filthy, stinking, beast. Nonetheless his hatred is pure (Ecclesiastes 7:7) and it took him getting fired to see the light. How much more will it take to reach the average Jake on the streets of Baltimore, Newark, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and so on. This brother had some type of training the rest of you 2/3rds know nothing. You are useless eaters to the elite and will be slaughtered like goats, and cows on old McDonald's farm. The Most High used Christopher Dorner by putting a spirit of vengeance on him and sending him out into the world to kill as many crackers and uncle Tom's as he can. What should we learn from this??? Many things; for one, if you are in the truth the works of The Most High being manifested should strengthen your faith. Secondly, if you are just waking up to the truth then this should be a stamp of approval that there is no going back to the world. (Yahawahshi himself didn't pray for the entire world - John 17:9). Esau is going down and there is nothing anybody can do to save him or his society. To all the people who are in LA and suffered at the hands of the wicked police - rejoice. The Lord put a spirit on that man as a prelude of what is to shortly come. Shalawam ahchyam.

Priest Zaab

By the way,

Take the time to read the manifesto as there are many truths revealed in it and is too lengthy to post for our people's ADD minds.