Saturday, May 4, 2013


Do you know this man seen here????? Do you have any idea what crimes he has committed in the sight of The Most High, and His people??? Some of you might know him but for the ones who don't let me explain. This piece of shit name is Kermit Gosnell and he's a butcher of Israelite babies under the assumed profession of an abortionist. This serial killer is worse than any edomite serial killer (take your pick cause esau has that market cornered) combined. Not only does he perform abortions (against the law Exodus 20:13) on Hebrew children but he takes it a step further and delivers the babies alive then murders them. He does so by either cutting their spinal cord, slitting their necks, and using other barbaric  methods. As usual this type of shit mostly goes on in the "hood". In this case we are talking about West Philadelphia specifically (you know the fresh prince theme song born and raised). This is where the abortion clinic operated under the name  Women's Medical Society. Main stream media mentions the story every now and then, but when you really research this savage you'll be sick to your stomach. I know I was...our damn people. For further info I suggest you type his name, the phrase 'house of horrors', infanticide, and late term abortion in your search engine. As usual Eve is in the middle of it because she being a damn whore and not wanting to deal with the consequences, went looking for this man to provide his demonic services. She is just as guilty as him.

 Don't believe the bullshit from certain media outlets. The man killed hundreds of babies. In some reports it stated when his clinic was raided they found dead body parts in a freezer next to workers lunches. It was a cash for murder business plain and simple. Feds confiscated $250k cash from a safe in the clinic and pills he was selling to people. We all know Fox news is bs, but they did a decent documentary titled 'See no evil: The Kermit Gosnell' case which aired 5/3/2013. It showed this man had been running his clinic for over 25 years. The only reason he was raided is because he allegedly started selling Oxycontin and other painkiller pills to the public without prescription. Esau don't give a damn about us and our children but as soon as you start cutting in on his drug game then its a problem. How can he not be the devil? How can he not be the devil? How can he not be the devil? SMFH. But hold on - this sellout uncle tom Attorney General name Eric Holder's wife, Sharon Malone, is co-owner of an abortion clinic in Atlanta. Just imagine how many young girls threw their kids away like it was yesterday's trash. You cannot tell me it isn't a tool of the elite.

 And he didn't do it alone!!! Pictured to the left are employees of Dr Kermit Gosnell who assisted in "killing the babies". Said one woman 'I saw him do it all the time. One minute a baby is crying in a room, when the doctor walks into the room the crying stops.'
Our women can be heartless but this is stooping to a new level. (Lam 4:3)

The trial is over and the jury is deliberating as of  date. These are the stories that need to be told on the news but instead they talk about foolishness. Gosnell faces the death penalty from esau's justice system but what about The Most High's justice??? We pray it will be swift and just. Shalawam.