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When I was a young Jake I always used to like watching cartoons, reading comics, and seeing super hero movies. As a youth I didn't know any better! But now that I am a man (1 Cr 13:11), I see these things for what they truly are; mind control instruments of propaganda. I am so glad that The Most High called me to the truth and opened my eyes. If not I would've been like the rest of the mindless sheep of our people who fork over $36 (there about if you dumb enough to bring Eve with you on a so-called date) for tickets to see blasphemous bullshit and lies brought to you in 3D and IMAX. 
Brethren you can save yourself time and money by downloading all of Esau's movies by way of torrents and file sharing. If you have the extra sheks to drop then by all means go see it for EDUTAINMENT purposes. Don't let the powers (angels) see you camped out overnight for tickets or wearing no damn t-shirt with a logo on it...then you going off ahch. 

Superman, like Yahawahshi, arrested
Anyway this  movie, from a storytelling point of view, goes more in depth into the character Kal-el aka Superman and his origins. The director lays on the Messiah comparisons real heavy. He was sent by his father on a mission, he came from another world, he was rejected by the people, arrested and made a sacrifice for their wrong doings, and finally he saves the world. Esau is a master tricknowledgist (yes I made that word up but you know exactly what I mean). Through his movies he is conditioning the people to accept a false messiah and worship the image of the beast (Rev 13:15). With crafty CGI special effects, movie magic sorcery, and blatant as well as subliminal messages, the producers made you root for Satan and his demons thinking you were on the side of light. "He will be a god to them" says Jor-el, superman's father played by Gladiator Russell Crow.
 Lets get an understanding, Yahawahshi will never be arrested and put in hand cuffs at his next coming. And he will be coming for blood and to avenge his people from the nations. Keep an eye on the antagonist General Zod. He is more in tune with the scriptures as he seeks to destroy this society and build a better one (Rev 21:1). He is a military man who cares for his people and will fight for them and make their kingdom an everlasting one...sounds familiar. Yet he is the enemy and the "bad" guy. Esau perverts the scriptures to mock The Most High and His son. All famous Hollywood script writers read and understand the prophecies of the bible and retell the stories in a form of science fiction. To further prove that this character has nothing in common with Yahawahshi, he (superman) ends up working with the government and helping the world. WTF, as if all nations are worthy of salvation and the world can continue the way it is if we all unite as one. The f#@% out of here with that BS. Though hand join in hand the wicked will not go unpunished... (Pro 11:21).
 This devil is an all out liar so watch this movie with a skeptical eye and keep your sword handy ready to cut the lies that will come out at you.
I will say this, they have the alien invasion scene correct as Yahawahshi will come back with his chariots and people will consider it to be an invasion so they got that right. The only thing is Yahawahshi will not make a television appearance or give a list of demands. But as usual Esau gives the people the information upside down and backwards. For once they have it right, they made the invaders out to be their enemy and our salvation. Shalam.

 This damn devil is fake.

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Do you know this man seen here????? Do you have any idea what crimes he has committed in the sight of The Most High, and His people??? Some of you might know him but for the ones who don't let me explain. This piece of shit name is Kermit Gosnell and he's a butcher of Israelite babies under the assumed profession of an abortionist. This serial killer is worse than any edomite serial killer (take your pick cause esau has that market cornered) combined. Not only does he perform abortions (against the law Exodus 20:13) on Hebrew children but he takes it a step further and delivers the babies alive then murders them. He does so by either cutting their spinal cord, slitting their necks, and using other barbaric  methods. As usual this type of shit mostly goes on in the "hood". In this case we are talking about West Philadelphia specifically (you know the fresh prince theme song born and raised). This is where the abortion clinic operated under the name  Women's Medical Society. Main stream media mentions the story every now and then, but when you really research this savage you'll be sick to your stomach. I know I was...our damn people. For further info I suggest you type his name, the phrase 'house of horrors', infanticide, and late term abortion in your search engine. As usual Eve is in the middle of it because she being a damn whore and not wanting to deal with the consequences, went looking for this man to provide his demonic services. She is just as guilty as him.

 Don't believe the bullshit from certain media outlets. The man killed hundreds of babies. In some reports it stated when his clinic was raided they found dead body parts in a freezer next to workers lunches. It was a cash for murder business plain and simple. Feds confiscated $250k cash from a safe in the clinic and pills he was selling to people. We all know Fox news is bs, but they did a decent documentary titled 'See no evil: The Kermit Gosnell' case which aired 5/3/2013. It showed this man had been running his clinic for over 25 years. The only reason he was raided is because he allegedly started selling Oxycontin and other painkiller pills to the public without prescription. Esau don't give a damn about us and our children but as soon as you start cutting in on his drug game then its a problem. How can he not be the devil? How can he not be the devil? How can he not be the devil? SMFH. But hold on - this sellout uncle tom Attorney General name Eric Holder's wife, Sharon Malone, is co-owner of an abortion clinic in Atlanta. Just imagine how many young girls threw their kids away like it was yesterday's trash. You cannot tell me it isn't a tool of the elite.

 And he didn't do it alone!!! Pictured to the left are employees of Dr Kermit Gosnell who assisted in "killing the babies". Said one woman 'I saw him do it all the time. One minute a baby is crying in a room, when the doctor walks into the room the crying stops.'
Our women can be heartless but this is stooping to a new level. (Lam 4:3)

The trial is over and the jury is deliberating as of  date. These are the stories that need to be told on the news but instead they talk about foolishness. Gosnell faces the death penalty from esau's justice system but what about The Most High's justice??? We pray it will be swift and just. Shalawam.



Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Shalawam Yahsharahla. As if we don't have enough bs to deal with in this wicked kingdom already, now and increasingly more than ever, this damn devil is pushing the use of military style, armed, and remote controlled drones. If the brothers and sisters are not familiar with what drones are and their uses in a domestic setting like "the hood", I suggest that they get a crash course and be up on current events. We are living in the end times (Mathew 24) so nothing should surprise us as these prophecies are revealed. There are people out there, especially edomites, who are uncovering and exposing the elites plans (Matt 12:26). This is all done in accordance to The Most High's plans in the name of His son. (Proverbs 16:24). 
Leave it up to Jake and he will live and die in the club, a drug induced stupor, or up in some disease infested p***y without having any knowledge of what's coming around the corner for him. To the ones who watch and wait patiently may YAHAWAH bahasham Yahawahshi barak atha. Stay up Yahsharahla. Shalawam.


Take the time to listen to this podcast in its entirety...there is a lot of information being brought out. Source: Coast to Coast AM radio show aired 3/14/13

Thursday, February 14, 2013


By now if you've been following the Christopher Dorner story you know that the brother died Tuesday 2/12, in a cabin in the Big Bear Lake area of San Bernadino, California. We hope that the brother went to the spirit world knowing that he sparked a bigger fire in people's minds than the one PURPOSELY SET by the bitch-ass police. Think back to WACO, TX as you read this and you will see the obvious trend that the government is following.

If Jake doesn't wake up to the bullshit that esau has, and continue to  perpetrate, then they deserve what's coming next (Hosea 4:6). For a brief minute I thought that maybe, just maybe, jake would look deeper into the Dorner story to see that there is much more to it than a black man who lost his job and then"lost it". The only judge will be time. At least we know that the LAPD will always be the lying, slime bucket, low-life, pieces of shit that they always were from day one. Why all the lies????? He's dead, he's not dead, his body wasn't found, he made a call from his cell phone in the middle of a shoot-out, his bulletproof/waterproof/fireproof wallet was found at the scene, and on and on. It's pathetic is what it is! But the ultimate lie is that they didn't start the fire. Yeah right - you be the judge ahchyam, even though you all ready know the answer. Let's not forget about the drones used in this operation and coming to a "hood" near you. When the Lord decide to cut off 2/3rds of our people throughout the land, it's going to make Katrina look like a picnic (or pick-a-nigga), literally. For the ones who want to survive, put your faith in YAHAWAH bahasham Yahawashi. Shalam. (Psalms 27:5).

Priest Zaab

Crakkkers yelling "burn that motherfucker down."

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Esau is literaly shaking in his boots right now (especially those of them in the LAPD). This Jake named Christopher Dorner, shown to the left, devoted his entire life to law enforcement and the military. He was fired from the LAPD because he reported an incident in which a demonic, edomite, police bitch kicked a suspect in the face. His superiors didn't like the fact that he broke the "blue wall" of silence and railroaded him out of the Police Department. Yes, the same LAPD that claims they are here to serve and protect are guilty of murdering and falsely arresting our people like there's no tomorrow. All Israelites, whether in the truth or not, know for a fact that them devils in the LAPD (or NYPD, or any other PD for that matter) are paid to kill, torture, frame, and arrest us. Keep Oscar Grant in mind as you read on. This brother goes on to detail in his lengthy manifesto, that I urge brothers and sisters to read in its entirety to get the full understanding, the daily practices of corruption, brutality, and racism running rampant in the LAPD. Since Esau took this land from the so-called Native Americans its been nothing but pain and death for us Israelites and California is no different (Habakkuk 2:12). But guess what white man??? You picked the wrong nigger to fuck with this time around. 
This dude is a paramilitary junkie. He was a Naval reservist, trained in all manner of combat tactics, and on top of that he's an excellent marksman - so now what you damn devils!! You've finally met your match at the hands of a 6ft 270lbs black man with nothing but pure hatred and vengeance in his heart...almost what Yahawahshi is bringing when he comes back but turned up a million times more. Your weapons and operations so far have been proven useless as  he clearly has been trained in your own wicked warlike ways. 

In his manifesto he reveals such truths as "How do you know when a police officer is lying??? When he begins his sentence with, “based on my experience and training”. Dorner goes on to blow the roof off the common practice of letting victims die and "bleed out" to get overtime money. Now we know why them crakkkers refused to call an ambulance for Oscar Grant and any other so-called black or Latinos. They are left to die on the ground while them wicked overseers, I mean officers watch as they take their last breath..smfh. He warns people to not get involved because the same officers wouldn't lift a finger to help you or your family - and he's so right. He tells of the so-called Latino officers beating and calling their own people "wetbacks" just to get approval of white officers. The truth of the matter is that since the Rodney King incident the LAPD has gotten worse than before, if that was even possible. How the hell one of the officers involved in the King beating gets promoted to become a Captain??? That's what our people get for putting their trust in man and turning from The Most High and His son.

As you read the brother's statements you get the feeling he was clearly too involved in esau's ideology (support on gun ban, and other bullshit) and became disillusioned when he finally saw the beast for what he really is - a filthy, stinking, beast. Nonetheless his hatred is pure (Ecclesiastes 7:7) and it took him getting fired to see the light. How much more will it take to reach the average Jake on the streets of Baltimore, Newark, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and so on. This brother had some type of training the rest of you 2/3rds know nothing. You are useless eaters to the elite and will be slaughtered like goats, and cows on old McDonald's farm. The Most High used Christopher Dorner by putting a spirit of vengeance on him and sending him out into the world to kill as many crackers and uncle Tom's as he can. What should we learn from this??? Many things; for one, if you are in the truth the works of The Most High being manifested should strengthen your faith. Secondly, if you are just waking up to the truth then this should be a stamp of approval that there is no going back to the world. (Yahawahshi himself didn't pray for the entire world - John 17:9). Esau is going down and there is nothing anybody can do to save him or his society. To all the people who are in LA and suffered at the hands of the wicked police - rejoice. The Lord put a spirit on that man as a prelude of what is to shortly come. Shalawam ahchyam.

Priest Zaab

By the way,

Take the time to read the manifesto as there are many truths revealed in it and is too lengthy to post for our people's ADD minds.                                                       

Friday, January 25, 2013


It's not like other Israelite camps haven't been warning the people about esau's wicked and vain imaginations (Psalms 2:1), because they have been doing so (at least the sincere ones that didn't take a bribe, yeah we talking bout you fat boy comfy). Beware of camps that don't push things like F.E.M.A camps, mandatory micro chip implants, and the collapse of this devil's society. By the blessings of The Most High and His son, whom the world ignorantly calls Jesus Christ, brothers have been pushing the word constantly (2Timothy 4:2). But you know how most of our people are - they don't believe you till the "white man says so". Then all of a sudden its "oh yeah them dudes was saying that all along". Well here is another example of that. Esau's plans to spy and enslave the people are constantly being revealed. In this video we hear from a savvy "tech" guru type who is fighting against the U.S government and its plans on spying on every single person for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. If you have ever transmitted any type of data whether it be emails, text messages, voice mail, or whatever, it is being recorded and stored in esau's numerous "SPY CLOUDS". (Thousands of servers and drives whose only creation is to record and store shit PERMANENTLY just so you know). Esau's ultimate goal is to try and enslave the entire planet under its N.W.O satanic doctrine. We have to stay on point and expose these devils at every step of the way. Barak atha YHWH wa Yahawahshi. Qam Yahsharahla. Shalawam.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jay Z the all American Gangster

Did you see the cover of today's New York Post? Normally the only purpose the New York Post serves is to line the bottom of my bird cage, but today's cover caught my attention and had me thinking. What does Jay - Z's high profile appearance at President Obama's second inauguration say about "Black America", and even more important America as a whole.
I think I will answer the latter first because the latter will make the former so much easier to answer.
America was founded on the bones, and blood  of 100 million Natives (by some conservative estimates)  throughout North, Central, and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Nothing short of terroristic tactics (think Al Qaeda x 1000) including but not limited to scalping, beheading, castration, maiming, raping ,robbing, starving, pillaging, and a laundry list of other tactics were used to establish what we now refer to as the Americas mainly the United States of America.
If that were not bad enough America then imported slaves (Israelites) from west Africa to serve in chattel slavery in which (by the same conservative estimates) approx 100 millions Negros through North America, and the Caribbean died from the same tactics used against their brothers the Native Americans (also Israelites).
Once America established itself as a world power it was used Gangsterism to keep control of the vast amounts of resources it has amassed. Gangsterism in the form of it's C.I.A., and F.B.I, and Military intimidation of both foreign and domestic threats, use of weapons (including bombs) against it's enemies both foreign and domestic (see Black Wall Street) and I could go on and on.
What does any of this have to do with Jay - Z or the picture posted above? A lot!! You probably think i'm going to speak about conspiracy theories and boule etc. Not on this post. Not at all. Instead i want to talk about the uproar some have made about Jay-Z's being so close with Barack Obama. Was it appropriate for him to attend Barack Obama's inauguration?  America has a long history of Gangsterism.
Jay Z made an album called American Gangster partly based on the life of drug dealers and his supposed past as a drug dealer (NOT!!)
Jay- Z wrote two songs centered around drugs and drug dealing on this album
blue magic (named after a real drug)
and Roc Boyz celebrating what else....drug dealing....
which is appropriate since America was heavily involved in the influx of drugs in the "Black/Hispanic" (Israelite community). They even showed you that in the movie Panther.
Jay-Z's entire music catalog consists of music that degrades, defames,destroys, and indoctrinates impressionable youth. His music consists of a handful of topics reiterated through a catalog of 10+ albums. Murder, kill, main ,sex,deal drugs drink, smoke weed, spend  and back to the top! Did I miss anything? That's an all American theme if I ever heard one because that is what America has done it's entire existence. The vile image that Jay-Z portrays is exactly what America has in mind for our people. This is the standard they want you to aspire in the end they can lock you up and keep the Billion dollar prison industry complex profitable.

Psalm 12:8

King James Version (KJV)
The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted. 

American Gangsters (the US government) fawning over an "American Gangster). What could be more appropriate?

Priest Danyaahla

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Behavior becoming of Bishops?

First we had "Bishop" Wayne T. Jackson gyrating on top of two other men in front of his congregation and performing what was clearly a masonic ritual under the guise of "consecrating"  two new Bishops.
Not to be out done we introduce to you "Bishop L. Trotter. " Bishop" Trotter sees nothing wrong
being in the bathtub with a little girl! This image has gone viral on some internet social networking sites. Most people find this behavior to deplorable. But not the members of his congregation and few
no scripture knowing idiots on facebook..well more than a few a lot!!! Some of these idiots say it is all innocent, others have said it's cute. In this day and age when child molestation is at an all time high, when you can download an app to your android or iphone and type in sex offender and you can see just how perverts live in your neighborhood. A friend of mine had the app and showed me the number of sex offenders in the neighborhood that I work in. It was in the 100's..YES 100's!!! So with that in mind and in this day and age is it wise for a "Bishop" to take a pic like this? And even worse post it to the internet? Here is what the scriptures say on the matter:

1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Meaning if a pic can possible  be taken out of context (especially as a Bishop) one should not engage in activities such as this no matter how innocent the intent. Further:

1 Timothy 3:2 A Bishop then must be blameless,....

meaning unstained in reputation and behavior. That is a rare quality among these modern day pimps..I mean preachers. The Christian community in an attempt to make itself look good is always pointing out the flaws within the Israelite community. Yes there are flaws but  having seen countless examples of child molestation, perversion, killing...yes killing, stealing, lying, raping etc that has gone on in  the christian community (see youtube videos). I would put our behavior and conduct up against theirs anyday!!!

Priest Danyaahla

Monday, January 14, 2013


This utterly disgusting and yet a very real and accurate depiction of the state of the nation of Israel and the mindset that our people have. Years ago when I was growing up, if somebody was going to have an abortion it was something that was kept private amongst family and very close friend. Today, with the increase of social networking sites, our people feel the need to share every, and I mean EVERY detail of their lives including despicable ones as portrayed in the photo above. What is even worse is the deafening silence among our people. The majority of our people claim to be spiritual (mostly christian), but also muslim, and other religions (all false by the way). Yet, you rarely if ever see correction on the comment boards associated with these type of images or videos. But the bible is not silent on the matter of abortion and neither are we. We will be doing a video on this subject in the not too distant future. Here is what the bible says about silence on matters such as these..

Proverbs 24:

11 If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain;
12 If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?

Thousands of Israelite children are being slaughtered by Planned Parenthood everyday and you have nothing to say on the matter; and you call yourself a Christian...or an Israelite??? The lord is going to judge them and according to this scripture You too!! Nuff said.

Priest Danyaahla...Shalam

Sunday, January 13, 2013


After all is said and done, and after all the hype surrounding the movie, at the end of the day Jake need to go see Django Unchained. Not to support that devil Tarrantino or that weirdo Jamie Foxx, but for the fact that the movie will wake up that sleeping spirit that rests inside of us so-called African Americans. Jake has been living easy for a long time now and need to remember that we still dwell among our enemies. Deuteronomy 28:68 applies to us all as long as we are living in Esau's kingdom. We got soft and comfortable - there's no other way to put it. The internet, Cable TV, NBA, NFL, MLB, Love and Hip Hop, Housewives (any damn state), Xbox, BET, and on and on. You pick a distraction and Jake is caught up in it. But here comes a movie that reminds "niggers" just where they're coming from. And guess what; you don't have to research, go look up, and do anything like work. All you have to do is sit, watch, and remember.

Before we begin let's pay attention to who is bankrolling this movie. The Weinstein brothers, who formally owned Miramax, and after back door deals sold and bought back the company funded this venture. These so-called Jews  don't give a damn about us, its all about money and politics with them so we can't forget that. Please remember that the movie is coming after the reelection of that Hamitic monkey and when race relations are at an all time low. This is no coincidence. The movie, as violent as it is, was made that way to stir up the masses and ferment more hatred between the two nations (Genesis 25:25) and to push the coming race war (Mathew 24:7). Esau is a slippery serpent and uses different tactics to get his agenda accomplished. Praise YAHAWAH bahasham Yahawahshi because they are just pawns being used to fulfill prophecy. Tarrantino's big hit before this was a propaganda piece of work entitled "Inglorious Basterds". Brothers and sisters best believe the government is in bed with Holly-weird to push certain movies that have deeper meaning than what appears at first glance. Take the movie "Argo" for example. That was produced to make the CIA and America look good and Iran look bad - propaganda. Another one is "Zero Dark Thirty" about the supposed killing of Bin-Laden (yeah right).  But let's stay on Django. Spike Lee would never get the green light to make a movie like that, but that cracker did! Believe me ahchyam that shows you that no matter how we think we've made it in Esau's kingdom we are still considered slaves to him.

The movie itself takes place in Amerikkka before the civil war and gives a slice of what slavery would've been like. Unlike Roots, Amistad, and other movies who make the white man out to be cruel but yet noble and wanting to abolish slavery, this movie shows them for what they really are; the damn devil - plain and simple. White people get offended at the amount of times the word "nigger" was used in the movie but as we all know it was as common as apple pie to call us niggers, boy, sambo, coon, and other names. The movie hit it right on target (again why throughout all the years of cinema that it is only now in 2013 a raw movie like this comes out). My only problem was that it didn't get more graphic and show pregnant black women getting strung up and their bellies slit open and the white man stomping the baby as it fell to the ground. And how can we forget about little black children being used as alligator bait, or Jake getting castrated and his penis and nuts placed in a glass jar on a counter at the local store. I guess that would be asking for too much huh? Check out without sanctuary to see more horrific crimes that the white man must pay for. (Revelation 13:10). 

Anyway the movie in a nut shell is about Django (Jamie Foxx) who is a slave that was set free by a German bounty hunter in order to help him kill some wanted men. In return for his help Django asks that the bounty hunter help him rescue his wife Broom Hilda (played by Kerri Washington) from a sick sadistic plantation owner played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Along the way a whole bunch of devils get killed. Sometimes the graphic killings are over the top but damn it - its good to see a cracker die by the hands of Jake (even if its only fiction). We all know that soon and very soon that Django is going to be a real live nightmare for all white people and the other nations who had a hand in slavery. (Isaiah 14:2). Another thing that I liked about the movie was that Tarrantino really did his homework on the history of slavery as shown by the real life similarities of our affliction and pain.

Overall Jake should go see the movie not for its artistic integrity, plot, special effects, acting, script, or any of that bullshit. Jake should make it their business to see it as a reminder that we are still in Egypt all over again. Shalawam.


Real life

Real life


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