Saturday, June 29, 2013


When I was a young Jake I always used to like watching cartoons, reading comics, and seeing super hero movies. As a youth I didn't know any better! But now that I am a man (1 Cr 13:11), I see these things for what they truly are; mind control instruments of propaganda. I am so glad that The Most High called me to the truth and opened my eyes. If not I would've been like the rest of the mindless sheep of our people who fork over $36 (there about if you dumb enough to bring Eve with you on a so-called date) for tickets to see blasphemous bullshit and lies brought to you in 3D and IMAX. 
Brethren you can save yourself time and money by downloading all of Esau's movies by way of torrents and file sharing. If you have the extra sheks to drop then by all means go see it for EDUTAINMENT purposes. Don't let the powers (angels) see you camped out overnight for tickets or wearing no damn t-shirt with a logo on it...then you going off ahch. 

Superman, like Yahawahshi, arrested
Anyway this  movie, from a storytelling point of view, goes more in depth into the character Kal-el aka Superman and his origins. The director lays on the Messiah comparisons real heavy. He was sent by his father on a mission, he came from another world, he was rejected by the people, arrested and made a sacrifice for their wrong doings, and finally he saves the world. Esau is a master tricknowledgist (yes I made that word up but you know exactly what I mean). Through his movies he is conditioning the people to accept a false messiah and worship the image of the beast (Rev 13:15). With crafty CGI special effects, movie magic sorcery, and blatant as well as subliminal messages, the producers made you root for Satan and his demons thinking you were on the side of light. "He will be a god to them" says Jor-el, superman's father played by Gladiator Russell Crow.
 Lets get an understanding, Yahawahshi will never be arrested and put in hand cuffs at his next coming. And he will be coming for blood and to avenge his people from the nations. Keep an eye on the antagonist General Zod. He is more in tune with the scriptures as he seeks to destroy this society and build a better one (Rev 21:1). He is a military man who cares for his people and will fight for them and make their kingdom an everlasting one...sounds familiar. Yet he is the enemy and the "bad" guy. Esau perverts the scriptures to mock The Most High and His son. All famous Hollywood script writers read and understand the prophecies of the bible and retell the stories in a form of science fiction. To further prove that this character has nothing in common with Yahawahshi, he (superman) ends up working with the government and helping the world. WTF, as if all nations are worthy of salvation and the world can continue the way it is if we all unite as one. The f#@% out of here with that BS. Though hand join in hand the wicked will not go unpunished... (Pro 11:21).
 This devil is an all out liar so watch this movie with a skeptical eye and keep your sword handy ready to cut the lies that will come out at you.
I will say this, they have the alien invasion scene correct as Yahawahshi will come back with his chariots and people will consider it to be an invasion so they got that right. The only thing is Yahawahshi will not make a television appearance or give a list of demands. But as usual Esau gives the people the information upside down and backwards. For once they have it right, they made the invaders out to be their enemy and our salvation. Shalam.

 This damn devil is fake.

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