Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Behavior becoming of Bishops?

First we had "Bishop" Wayne T. Jackson gyrating on top of two other men in front of his congregation and performing what was clearly a masonic ritual under the guise of "consecrating"  two new Bishops.
Not to be out done we introduce to you "Bishop L. Trotter. " Bishop" Trotter sees nothing wrong
being in the bathtub with a little girl! This image has gone viral on some internet social networking sites. Most people find this behavior to deplorable. But not the members of his congregation and few
no scripture knowing idiots on facebook..well more than a few a lot!!! Some of these idiots say it is all innocent, others have said it's cute. In this day and age when child molestation is at an all time high, when you can download an app to your android or iphone and type in sex offender and you can see just how perverts live in your neighborhood. A friend of mine had the app and showed me the number of sex offenders in the neighborhood that I work in. It was in the 100's..YES 100's!!! So with that in mind and in this day and age is it wise for a "Bishop" to take a pic like this? And even worse post it to the internet? Here is what the scriptures say on the matter:

1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Meaning if a pic can possible  be taken out of context (especially as a Bishop) one should not engage in activities such as this no matter how innocent the intent. Further:

1 Timothy 3:2 A Bishop then must be blameless,....

meaning unstained in reputation and behavior. That is a rare quality among these modern day pimps..I mean preachers. The Christian community in an attempt to make itself look good is always pointing out the flaws within the Israelite community. Yes there are flaws but  having seen countless examples of child molestation, perversion, killing...yes killing, stealing, lying, raping etc that has gone on in  the christian community (see youtube videos). I would put our behavior and conduct up against theirs anyday!!!

Priest Danyaahla

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